Douala Maritime Museum exhibits in Colmar

Douala Maritime Museum exhibits in Colmar The 38th International Travel and Tourism Exhibition kicked off on 9 November 2023 at the Colmar Exhibition Centre in France. This international tourism event which showcases several breathtaking attractions of the world, will close its doors on 12 November 2023.

Cameroon is taking an active part in the exhibition for its 5th time with the presence of the Douala Maritime Museum, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 18 December 2023. The Douala Maritime Museum is in Colmar not only to promote Cameroon as a tourist destination, but also to showcase all the different aspects of the country's maritime heritage.

For greater visibility, the museum’s stand has been decorated using its fabric and features a remarkable display of canoes, much admired by the public.

Visitors from all over the world are flocking in waves to learn about the origins of the Douala Maritime Museum, Cameroon's rich maritime history and coastline, as well as man's activities in this marine environment.

Beyond its purely natural attractions, visitors can also see some of the museum's different exhibitions in the form of wall photographs. These include the new marine navigation simulator, the Storm Room and many other activities organized at the museum for both the young and the old. Other pictures displayed also present the various compartments of the Museum.

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