Intangible Cultural Heritage On Exhibition On Jebale Island

Présentation du chef

Enthronement Of Hrh Manga Tanga Alfred, New Chief Of Jebale 1

On Friday 30 June 2023, a team from the Douala Maritime Museum travelled to Jebalè Island to document the official enthronement of the new Chief of Jebalè 1, as part of its ongoing inventory of the intangible cultural heritage of Cameroon's coastal peoples.

HRH Manga Tanga Alfred, son of the late Tanga Manga Alfred who joined the ancestors on 19 March 2022, is now the new leader of this iconic community.

The chiefs of various Jebalè clans and families took an active part in the process of selecting the new Chief, from the regency to the official proclamation, which took place under the supervision of the District Officer of Douala IV Sub-Division, Mr. Christophe Fofie.

The event was an opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage of the coastal peoples, notably the traditional games and rites for succession, which will be shared to visitors and researchers at the Douala Maritime Museum.

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