Douala Maritime Museum's stand awakes emotions and memories

The Colmar International Tourism and Travel Exhibition ended on 12 November 2023. This day was characterized by a lot of joy and memories at the stand of the Douala Maritime Museum.

Among the many visitors received that day were Mr. and Mrs. Durrwell, Christophe and Laurence, and of course Mr. Jean Louis. With brightened faces, they remember how they had the opportunity to visit the Douala Maritime Museum in the Bonanjo district on one of their trips to Cameroon. "Stumbling on the Douala Maritime Museum in Colmar brings back many fond memories of Cameroon," Laurence Durrwell remarked.

Through guided tours, they had all discovered Cameroon's rich cultural and maritime history thanks to various exhibitions of artefacts, maps, photographs and video documentaries.

Mr. Jean Louis still remembered how much his granddaughters were amazed by their visit to the Museum.

After their trip to Cameroon, they could not stop talking about the Douala Maritime Museum, its architecture, its collections and, above all, the warm welcome offered by the staff on duty.

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