As digitalization continues to reach new corners of the earth, the world is fast shrinking into a global village, and no aspect of human life can be left out. So is the case with the Douala Maritime Museum which reopened its doors to the public in 2013. Through its rich collection, the museum steps back into time to trace the history of the Cameroonian coast. Its architecture, designed like a ship’s stern, is easy to identify, and gaining access into the museum is just a click away. I seize this opportunity to say welcome to our newly remodelled website. This website mainly serves as a platform through which the public and interested persons can have a peak of what the Douala Museum has in store.

Located in Douala's administrative district, Bonanjo, and just a few meters from the port area, the Douala Maritime Museum, as its name indicates, exhibits symbolic and illustrative works of culture that trace the maritime history of Cameroon. It traces the history of Cameroon’s economic metropolis, Douala, born through trade between the peoples of the coast and erstwhile colonial masters. Since then, the Douala Maritime Museum has been working relentlessly towards a promising future, in line with its slogan “Explore the past to better understand the present and shape the future".

Relics of the Cameroonian port and maritime landscape now have a hall where they can be displayed, preserved and valorised. In an effort to give new life to these artefacts, the Cameroon National Shippers' Council (CNSC) thought it necessary to redesign the Douala Maritime Museum’s website. By creating this website, a window through which it can reach out to the world, the Douala Maritime Museum invites persons with a passion for culture, visitors, well-wishers and benefactors, to come and discover its history, themes, exhibitions, entertainment programs and the many other services it offers...

General Manager, CNSC

Auguste Mbappe Penda