Le simulateur de navigation



Our passionate and dynamic guides will show you our permanent and temporary exhibitions in a relaxed, fun and instructive atmosphere.

Various themes are covered at the beginning, from the age-old culture of the peoples of the littoral to the emergence and evolution of the main port cities that emerged from ancient commercial exchanges with distant naval powers along the coast and in the estuaries.

The tour continues with the discovery of ship models and simulated ship compartments, cargo trade on board ships and safety at sea.


To further illustrate some lessons taught in class or expose students to new information, some schools come to the Douala Maritime Museum to enjoy the complementary pedagogical tools and workshops the museum offers. Educational programs for youths are organized in the course of the school year and even during the long holidays.

Over the years, some activities organised by the Museum such as "SPECIAL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES (July-August)", "CHRISTMAS AT THE MUSEUM (December)", "YOUTH WEEK AT THE MUSEUM (February)" have become cult programs that bring hundreds and even thousands of youths to the museum.

  • "SPECIAL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES" is an entertainment program organised for youths during the long holiday period (July-August). The kids and their parents as well find delight in attending each edition of this event, thanks to a rich variety of activities (drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, percussion, storytelling, theatre, environmental education) organized by dedicated professionals.

  • "CHRISTMAS AT THE MUSEUM", is an event during which CNSC's top management interacts with youths and their parents on Christmas Eve (December 24) and New Year's Eve (December 31). Stage performances, entertainment shows and fun activities are some of the features of each edition, which help bring out the creativity of these youths.

  • "YOUTH WEEK AT THE MUSEUM" (February) brings thousands of schoolchildren out of the classroom and into a world of informal education with their teachers, who find it an opportunity to complement the lessons taught in class using the museum's exhibitions.


Our temporary exhibitions, developed in collaboration with different academic and research institutions, provide visitors with new and in-depth information on specific topics related to maritime history or the culture of Cameroon’s coastal tribes.


The museum's thematic conferences are intense moments of presentations and discussions between the public and academics, cultural figures or researchers, on themes related to the commemoration of various calendar dates.

Multipurpose conference hall

The Douala Maritime Museum has an air-conditioned and soundproofed multipurpose conference hall which it rents out. Equipped with an audiovisual system, the hall which measures over 80 m2 is located on the 3rd floor of the museum's building and can accommodate up to one hundred people. It is quite suitable for small and medium-sized events, corporate meetings and luncheons, as well as seminars. These meetings and other events can be spiced with guided tours of the museum's exhibitions.

Navigation simulator

The museum offers a navigation simulator for the training of professionals or students in the field of navigation. This equipment reconstitutes a navigation environment with different atmospheric conditions and the possibility to simulate day or night navigation sessions. The simulator also enables visitors to learn about navigation techniques.

Storm simulator

A tour of the museum is generally crowned with a session at the Case des Tempêtes (Storm simulator). This intriguing room is equipped with canoes mounted on a mobile platform whose movements give passengers on board the sensation of being at sea. The movement of the canoes is synchronized with a 3D projection, sound and lighting systems which are activated when a film is projected from the control unit.

Visitors are sure to experience the thrill and excitement of a 3D immersion trip.

Souvenir shop

The Douala Maritime Museum also has a souvenir shop where visitors can buy souvenirs of the maritime and port world, to help them immortalise the experience. A wide range of publications, cultural and artistic objects are available for visitors. Other than souvenirs, the museum equally has a large selection of publications on the same discipline.