photo de famille au Musée Maritime de Douala

German diplomat visits the Douala Maritime Museum

Accueilli par les collaborateurs de Monsieur le Directeur Général du Conseil National des Chargeurs du Cameroun (CNCC) empêché, l’Attaché de Défense de l’Ambassade d’Allemagne à Yaoundé, le Capitaine de Frégate, M. Alex SCHINDLER et représentant de l’Ambassadrice, était en visite ce lundi 14 novembre 2022 au Musée Maritime de Douala.

The German diplomat was given a guided tour of the different exhibitions on display by Mr. Patrice Ekwalla, Service Head at the Douala Maritime Museum. On several occasions, Frigate Captain Schindler stopped to admire artifacts and paintings that retrace Germany’s presence in Cameroon and its involvement in trade along the Cameroonian coast.

The tour of the museum ended with a brief working session on a potential partnership between the Douala Maritime Museum on the one hand and the German Embassy in Cameroon along with Germany's maritime museums on the other. A number of other avenues for collaboration were also explored by both parties.

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