Rewarding holidays

Literary and performing arts workshop at the Douala Maritime Museum

An atmosphere of joy, inquisitiveness and competition prevailed as the kids took part in various fun and educational workshops Wednesday 20 July.

Indeed, the fifth session of the "Fun and Educational Holiday Activities for Kids" programme focused on literary and performing arts. It was an opportunity for the kids to learn some national languages, listen to stories, perform sketches, dance and make music using traditional musical instruments. These culture-oriented activities were coordinated by Mr. Tete Eboumbou and Miss Ndoumbe Laure, both instructors at the session.

The kids learned to say a few words in the "Batanga" language, as well as some new songs and traditional dance steps.

Taking the kids further into knowing the Duala culture, the instructors organised practical sessions to show the kids how persons of different social classes in the Duala tribe (such as kings, warriors, elites or circumcised men) dress using loincloths, locally called ‘Sandja’.

The activities of the day ended in the usual lively atmosphere and the Douala Maritime Museum looks forward to seeing you again on Friday 22 July 2022 at 9:30 am.

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